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Magyar Himnusz ~ Hungarian National Anthem

Magyar Himnusz (first verse)

by Erkel Ferencz

Isten áldd meg a magyart.

Jó kedvvel bőséggel,

Nyújts feléje védő kart

Ha küdz ellenséggel.

Bal sors, a kit régen tép,

Hozz rávig esztendőt,

Megbűnhödte már e nép,

A multant s jövendőt.

Hungarian National Anthem (first verse)

a translation

by F. Kolcsey

Gracious God, bless the Magyar,

With good cheer, propserity,

In the ravages of war,

Shield them from adversity;

Whom from old ill fate has torn,

Bring us to a happy morn!

Long have we atoned and mourn for past and years unborn!

I don’t know that wikipedia is the most reliable source for information, but here is a link to the Hungarian, Literal and Poetic translations of the Magyar Himnusz:



  • Compliments on the above translation of the Magyar National Anthem. Here is my interpretation:

    God bless us, these Magyars,
    With plenty and good grace.
    Stand with us, protecting us,
    If enemies we face.
    Torn and battered by ages past,
    Grant us better years,
    We had suffered much too long
    For our past and future sins.

    I also translated the first verse of the Szozat:

    RISE, Magyars! Answer the call,
    The time is now, or never at all.
    Shall we be slaves or shall we be free?
    This is the question! Which will it be?
    God of Magyars! To you we swear,
    Swear to cast off the chains we wear.

    I included these translation in my book “Degrees of Courage”
    Available at Magyar Marketing

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