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Nut Kalacs ~ Dios Beigli

dios kalacs
Delicious Dios Beigli


2 tsp. dry yeast
1 cup lukewarm water
4 tbs. sugar
4 cups flour
1/2 cup soft butter
2 eggs slightly beaten
1 tsp. salt

Pour yeast in bowl, add water and sugar stirring until dissolved.
Blend flour and butter with wire pastry blender.
Mix well, mix in eggs, salt and yeast mixture.
Mix until dough is smooth and leaves side of bowl clean.

Divide dough into four equal parts, wrap each section in wax paper and place in the refrigerator.

After about an hour, take one portion from the refrigerator and roll out into a rectangular shape about 13″ x 17″.

Gently spread the filling on the rolled dough getting close to the edge. Roll up tightly, tuck the ends in and under. Place in a greased baking pan with the seam on the bottom. Let rise for about 20 minutes.

If you use a jelly roll pan, make the rolls only as long as the shorter side and line all four up on the same pan but evenly spaced.

Prick roll with knife on top and sides to keep roll from splitting while baking.
Brush with egg whites if desired.

Bake in 300 degree oven about 40 to 45 min. or until golden colored.


3/4 pound of finely ground walnuts
1 cup coconut flakes
1 cup of sugar
3/4 cup honey
1 cup of boiled milk
1/4 cup melted butter

Mix filling in bowl using only 3/4 cup of boiled milk, It should be thick. If not spreadable use the rest of milk.

Divide into 4 portions, one for each dough rollup.

If you like raisins, they can also be added to the filling, just soak them in some milk and cut back on the ground walnuts.

These cakes can be wrapped in foil and stored in the freezer after they are baked. Hope you enjoy!
Makes 4 small beigli.


  • Your dough is similar to my recipe however your filling is quite different. I have never tried coconut in the filling and I use evaporated milk in place of the boiling milk and I haven’t used honey for sweetness only sugar. My husband really likes the raisins so I always make a few rolls with raisins. I love your website and will try your filling recipe in my next batch of Kolache!

    • We love the addition of coconut and honey. My girlfriend’s mom always used it and it quickly became my favorite. I think my mom was a little annoyed that I liked it better but soon she started adding it into her recipe!

  • I fondly remember my grandmother making kolache. She also made something in a ring pan using finely chopped walnuts and formed into little “angel dumplings” that you pull apart after its baked. Do you know what these are call in Hungarian and what the recipe is. Thank you for bringing up some wonderful memories.

  • I just love your web site!!! My grandmother came from Hungary on the Carpathia (that aided the Titanic). My Uncle (who just passed away) was a Freedom Fighter and came over in 1956. I learned a lot from my mother, grandmother, uncle and from the ladies in my church. I have helped in the kitchen since I was 12 years old, I am now 60. Yours is the best site I have seen, I get it on facebook. I just want to ask a question, is it okay to use butterflies in my embroidery on the blouses and aprons and shawls? Thanks ever so.

    • Hi Laurie–Thank you for the kind words! We have fun sharing Hungarian things! I haven’t seen much in the way of butterflies in Hungarian embroidery but I am certainly not an expert by any stretch and that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Liz

  • How do you get the smooth, shiny dough on your nut rolls?

  • How long does it take before the dough leave the sides of the bowl?

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