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FSZ Szalonna ~ Hungarian style bacon

Kolozsvári style smoked bacon. Bring a taste of the old country into your home! It certainly tastes good, but I don’t recommend you eat this every day! Not quite a pound. Interested in hosting your own Szalonnasütés (Bacon Fry)? CLICK HERE

This szalonna is already seasoned and smoked and ready to eat. The official slab bacon used for a szalonnasütés is usually available from a butcher although it isn’t easy to find. We have used this bacon for our bacon roasts and it works fine–because the desperate will find a way!

One Comment

  • Liz, Love your pics of the folks roasting the Szalonna. My grandfather and father would take subject since the fellows are not roasting the bacon over a wood fire (hickory/apple wood)to get the best flavor. I had a friend years ago who wanted to try the Szalonna roast but it was too cold outside, so he tried to do the roast inside over a gas stove. Now he got a pan and decided to render the Szalonna in the pan and then pour the rendered fat on-to his hme made rye bread. He did it and needless to say he made a bee line to the bathroom for a couple of hours sitting. . . . . well you can immagine the rest. So, you roast the Szalonna, do the drippings, eat the great staple, and wash it down with a slug of whiskey. Wow, what a wonderful Father’s Day feast!!

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