Christmas Wonderland

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Gingerbread Christmas Wonderland

Are you impressed with the simple beauty of Hungarian mézeskalács (gingerbread)?
This step-by-step picture guide will help you design wonderful gifts and decorations out of gingerbread. Tunde Dugantsi does beautiful work and she shares her tips and tricks so you can learn how to create stunning decorations. You don’t have to be Hungarian to appreciate these techniques and you can use them for other projects besides gingerbread.

We had the opportunity to do this activity in Hungary with our family when we visited in March 2014. All I can say is we need more practice! This would be a great family project (get the generations together for some cookie baking and decorating fun) or for children’s clubs (Hungarian school or Hungarian scout activities) or even for a children’s activity at a Hungarian event. Gather some friends together for a time to visit and create!

Tunde just spent some time in Hungary working with a skilled artisan in the art of mézeskalács and has just published her second book on this topic.