Cleveland’s Buckeye Neighborhood

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Cleveland’s Buckeye Neighborhood by John T. Sabol

If you or your ancestors are from the Buckeye Road area in Cleveland, this unique collection of photographs will surely stir up some memories and lead to some interesting discussions.

Although it has been called “Little Hungary” or “Little Budapest,” Cleveland’s Buckeye Road neighborhood exceeds that description. A more apt moniker might be “Little Danube.” Like the Danube, Buckeye’s history has flowed through a multicultural immigrant community and into a modern urban neighborhood striving to make its mark. Fueled by the industry of its first settlers in the 1880s, the district spread from what is now Buckeye Road and Woodland Avenue to the border of Shaker Square. Shops, restaurants, taverns, and other businesses too numerous to count flourished.

This book has many wonderful photographs of the Buckeye Road neighborhood and is sure to ignite conversation if you ever lived or visited there. I was excited to recognize several faces in the book. Look closely, you might see someone from your past as well!

128 pages.
Arcadia Publishing