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The aftermath of the 100th Anniversary of WW I (1914 -1918) and the severe impact on the nation of Hungary is explored in this film. This bi-lingual (Hungarian and English) DVD includes insights from professors, historians, intellectuals, and poets in review of the various national interests leading to the Treaty of Trianon, signed at the Grand Palace in Versailles, France on June 4, 1920.

Also, bonus part of the DVD – ‘The Hungarian Spark in America’; a previously released video of the many accomplishments of those of Hungarian descent in the field of art, music, theater, sports, science, medicine, etc.

The DVD Menu allows the selection of Hungarian or English version, as well as, ‘The Hungarian Spark in America’.

Included with the DVD is a 22 page manual of the complete English dialog and maps contained in the video.

Bulk discounts available for Hungarian organizations, clubs, and churches for fundraising. Please inquire at 1-800-786-7851 or liz@magyarmarketing.com

A letter from Koltay Gábor [English translation below]

2004-ben elkészítettem Trianonról az elsõ magyar mozifilmet. A második világháború után 45 évig beszélni sem lehetett róla, de az 1990-es rendszerváltozás után is csak lassan olvad a jég.

Az amerikai székhelyű (Naples -FL), The American Foundation for Hungarian Youth and Culture, Inc.  kezdeményezésére, és áldozatos munkájuk eredményeképp, a film rövidített változatát angol nyelven mostantól az amerikai közönség is megismerheti.

Sohase feledjük, ami történt, de azon is gondolkozzunk, milyen lehetõségeink vannak, hogy  érdekeinket érvényesítsük, összefogjuk a világban szétszóródott magyarságot, és korszerû válaszokat adjunk a trianoni trauma kezelésének aktuális kérdéseire.

Koltay Gábor

English Translation:
In 2004 I produced the first Hungarian film regarding Trianon. For 45 years after WWII it was unacceptable to even discuss the subject, the ice was slow in thawing even after the 1990 change in Government.

The edited and translated version of the film can hence forth be appreciated by the American public, as a result of the initiative, generosity and substantial effort of the Naples Florida registered The American Foundation For Hungarian Youth And Culture, Inc.

Let us never forget that historical event; instead let us consider various opportunities that would facilitate our self interests, unite the Hungarians scattered throughout the world, and provide a contemporary response to the trauma of Trianon.
Koltay Gábor

The TRIANON DVD is reproduced, released, and financed by The American Foundation For Hungarian Youth And Culture, Inc. at the request of the Kazinczy Ferenc Society of Hungary. Copyright with the US Copyright Office/Library of Congress.

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