Gypsy Violins

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Gypsy Violins ~ Hungarian-Slovak Gypsies in America by Steve Piskor. Paperback, 242 pages.

“Gypsy Violins is a significant historical document for anyone who has danced or listened to a csárdás or any other Magyar folk music.” ~ Tibor Check, Jr.

From the author: I have been researching Hungarian-Slovak Gypsies in America for forty years. My grandparents on my mother and father’s side were Gypsy as their grandparents were. They were all Hungarian-Slovak Gypsy musicians, and before coming to America over 120 years ago, they were in Hungary for hundreds of years. They are directly linked to Europe’s finest Gypsy musicians such as, Janos Bihari, Czinka Panna, Pista Danko, Jansci Rigo, Imre Magyari, Racz Laci, Bela Radics, Sandor Lakatos and Sandor Jaroka. They are from the same Gypsies that influenced such great composers as Franz List, Johannes Brahms, Joseph Hayden, Pablo de Sarasate and many more. If you heard Hungarian Gypsy music, you heard them play. Today in America they have lost their heritage and there are only a few Hungarian Gypsy musicians left, and soon it will be just a memory. This book is an effort to preserve this great history. Many people ask “What happened to the Hungarian Gypsy Musicians”.