My Only Choice

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By Helen M. Szablya (born Ilona Bartha-Kovács)

An autobiography of a generation in World War 2 and Post-War Hungary, the darkest days of Stalinism. The stories of Victims of Communism are equally as important as the stories of Victims of Nazism.

Reading Helen M. Szablya’s new book “My Only Choice” will change your life – or at the very least make you appreciate the life you have. How do you choose between youth, and survival? Follow the life of a young girl as she becomes a woman and mother in this true story that reads like a novel for all time. This book is a real page-turner – an adventure story and a love story — it’s her life during both the Nazi and Communist occupations in Budapest, Hungary, 1942 –1956.

You will bite your nails, cry and laugh throughout this colorful and well written chronicle. This book demonstrates through her own experience why totalitarian governments of the extreme left and the extreme right are equally intolerant and horrific.