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Hungarian Crest Cufflinks

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Hungarian Crest Cufflinks

These classy cufflinks are made out of actual 10 forint Hungarian coins. A one of a kind special gift for the devoted Hungarian in your life!  Colors will vary.

These beautiful hand painted coins continue a very old art form originating from Wales and England. The artist carefully selects each item and choosing from a selection of miniature curved and straight brushes, hand paints every minute detail that already exists on the coin. The artist applies color initially to outline the design, followed by detailed application of progressive colors one by one. Each color application is followed by a high tempered firing process. Some coins take as long as two days to complete. In the final stage a covering of space age plastic is applied which adds depth and luster to the item while providing a measure of protection for this delicate hand painting.

In addition to the variations of coins based on the year it was minted, all enamels are mixed by hand at the moment of application so no two pieces are ever identical, making each item truly an original.