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Siófok Stocking

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Siófok Stocking

Available in Silver and Chocolate or Red and White or White with Dark Red

In the western region of Hungary lies the town of Siófok, near the Austrian border. In Siófok, the motif on this stocking can be seen everywhere, from clothing to home textiles. Now we bring this wonderful design to you. The Hungarians stay true to their gardening heritage; you can see the elegance of the floral design. Hand-cut reverse Silver Grey felt appliqué on a Chocolate felt background with hand-chiseled edging. 22 inches long.

We were particularly interested in this design because of the tulip motif. The use of the tulip in Hungarian designs dates back to the 15th century when Hungary was occupied by the Turks for 150 years. A number of Hungarian ministers were captured by the Turks and put out to sea to perish but they were rescued by a Dutch ship and brought to Holland where they lived a number of years before returning to Hungary. When they returned to Hungary, the word spread about the kindness and generosity of the Dutch people so artisans began to include the tulip into their motifs in appreciation for what the Dutch people did.