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SzóKiMondóka Stories

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SzóKiMondóka Stories

A wonderful book in Hungarian that helps raise a reader – an authentic SzóKiMondóka book. These books are a wonderful way for a parent or grandparent who are fluent in Hungarian be able to pass along the Hungarian language within their family.

These simple but engaging short stories help children connect the Hungarian language to their everyday world as the main character, Mona Mano, travels through seasons and gets acquainted with the four elements: earth, fire, air and water. Throughout the text there are highlighted words with a picture next to them and functions similar to a picture dictionary. As the children follow along with the story, they will see the shape of the words and be able to anticipate the next word through the pictures and will learn to connect written words with their meaning. At the end of each book there are activities where the kids can display what they have learned and play with the words.

Book 1 has 3 stories.
Book 2 has 4 stories.