The Uprisers

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The Uprisers by Jeannine Végh

A Hungarian Historical Fiction

After eleven years of brutal communist leadership, a young girl and her brother join a grassroots campaign to end oppression in Hungary. The siblings are followed by thousands of other students, professors, and local workers, and what begins as a peaceful march ends in a brutal massacre. One will perish and the other will make it safely to America. In the U.S., the battle is not over, and our protagonist is put in the middle of yet one more fight to save the honor of the “Old Country.”

Ten years later the hero returns home on a job assignment, immediately impacted by the communist regime and a detective of Russian heritage. The story ends as the Iron Curtain is lifted and the second generation feels the impact of its past. One of them becomes determined to share the family legacy.

Paperback, 233 pages.